~Our Award Winners~

Congratulations to these teachers who have gone above and beyond in their classroom duties to create, organize, and maintain a classroom website! Thank you to all the teachers that work hard for our children! Websites are selected for our A+ award if they meet a certain criteria. I know our time as teachers is valuable, therefore, the websites selected provide other teachers with lots of valuable ideas, strategies, and inspiration! Enjoy!  

Pre Kindergarten

All The DAZE




Mrs. Hamilton
Mrs. Ponvelle
Miss Renee's Kindergarten Pad
Melanie Bergenhagen
Mrs. Reber
Mrs. Shehan
Mrs. Britt
Mrs. Holden
Miss Vicknair
Mr. Kyle


First Grade

Mrs. Romero
Mrs. Zider's Beehive
Mrs. Griffiths

Mrs. McBride





Second Grade

Mrs. Barth
Mrs. Jackson
Mrs. Cantrell
Mrs. Haynes
Mrs. Bainbridge
Mrs. Selle
Mrs. Haney
Ms. Winston
Mrs. Fox

Ms. MacCabe
Mrs. Maiolo
Mary Zimmerman & Meghan Dow
Ms. Shaw



Third Grade

Mrs. Evon
Mrs. Long

Mrs. Gold


Fourth Grade

Mrs. Shea's Stadium
Ms. Bocks Pad
Mrs. Grover

Miss Godziszewski
Mrs. Hillman





Fifth Grade

Mrs. Lynn DeLeon




Mrs. Fulbright




~Mrs. Herbic's Awards/Recognitions~
A HUGE thank you to each and every individual who has awarded us with an award! 



The Busy Educator Award


Disney's Teacher Awards - Honoring Creativity in Teaching



I was nominated by my Administrator for the Disney Teacher Award!





Dear Miss Kimberlee,

It was an absolute pleasure to visit your site! Your site if full of creative ideas, graphics, layouts, and lets not forget all the valuable information. You have truly dedicated time and effort towards creating such an outstanding site. I'm sure your students are truly glad to have you as their kindergarten teacher. Kudos to you! I would love to present you with my Outstanding Website Award. I hope you display it with great pride. Take care, happy holidays, and may you continue to do the outstanding job you do.

Miss Sanchez


Dear Ms. Kimberlee,

I have enjoyed visiting your class website! It is well-organized with plenty of information! I can see that you spend a lot of time on it. I love the graphics and layout of the website. I am sure that your parents, students, and other teachers really enjoy coming to this website to get information. Continue the amazing work and it's a pleasure to honor your class website with the "Awesome Website Award!" 

Happy Teaching!
Brittany Ponvelle





Hi Kimberlee!

Your website shows great effort, design technique, and is kid-friendly and appealing to visitors! It has information that is valuable to your class and their parents, and I'm sure that they are thankful for your efforts! Keep up the great work!
Jennifer Gold




Hi Mrs. Herbic,

I just explored your classroom website and LOVE it! Your site reflects the hard work you do as a teacher for your students and families. I am happy to present to you my award for having an outstanding website that is an inspiration to other educators. Congratulations!

Rachel Stout






Your site definitely qualifies for the "Bee"utiful Site  Award of Excellence.  Your site navigates easily and is designed to be original and creative.  Thanks for making the web a better place. It is evident that you put a great deal of hard work into your web space. You provide a wonderful resource for your students, parents and fellow educators.  Please link this award back to my website.

Best Regards,

Mrs. Barth




Teacher Recognition Honorees at the 2007 Teacher Appreciation Awards Ceremony at the Westin Westminster, May 2008




I am pleased to announce that Kimberlee Herbic, a full-day kindergarten teacher in our Colorado Preschool and Kindergarten Program, was honored to receive a Jared Polis Teacher Recognition Award for 2008.  This award is given to teachers who “truly stand out based on the many examples of their commitment, innovative teaching and collaborative style.”   Kimberlee was one of 15 teachers state-wide to receive this award out of a pool of over 125 nominees. Congratulations Kimberlee!

Mat Aubuchon
Principal of Early Childhood Education
Adams County School District 50





Congratulations for creating an award winning WebSite.

I visited your WebSite and found it to be outstanding in appearance and in content. Your effort to improve the wonder of the Internet is clearly reflected on each page. Please continue to move ahead with your talents.Please accept the attached Golden WebPage Award..May God bless you and yours...


George P. Crofton, MSgt, USAF Retired





Kimberlee ,
I am honored to present you with my Award, you deserve it!  Have a great day.






Dear Kimberlee,

I am pleased to present you with the Gold Star Award for your wonderful classroom website! What a wonderful resource for your students, their parents, and teachers alike! Keep up the great work!

Kirsten Van Dyke




Hello Kimberlee,

Congratulations on receiving my A+ Website Award. 
Your site matches my criteria, and I am honored to add you to my list of recipients! Keep up the good work, as you are an inspiration to your students, parents, and teachers for all of your hard work and dedication!

Ms. Melendez




Dear Mrs. Herbic,

We are happy to present you with our Awesome Classroom Website Award for your wonderful website! Your site is very easy to navigate and we love your graphics and music! We hope you enjoy this award as much as we enjoyed visiting your site!

Mrs. Reber's K-2 PS Class   



You have certainly worked hard on your Website. I so enjoyed my visit there. Please accept my web award as congratulations for being a LEAP above the rest. I was really impressed with all the work you have put into it! Thanks for sharing your love for teaching with the world! I have your site book marked and will return often!  
With much regards,
Ms Bock



It is with great pleasure that I present you with our "Bee-Lightful!" Web Site Award.  I am so impressed with the bright and cheery tone of your web site.  It radiates your love of children and teaching!  You have so much valuable information organized in a beautiful yet concise format.  The music is fabulous!  Your theme pages are outstanding both for teachers and parents.  I feel like I have been in your classroom observing for the past couple of hours!  Thanks for sharing so much!  Your commitment to education is inspiring!  Enjoy our award...you deserve it!
Nancy Zider 



Mrs. Herbic,
Congratulations! You have a very cool classroom website, and I am proud to present you with my COOL SITE AWARD. Your site is easy to navigate, and I love the graphics. One thing that really stands out about your site is the care you have thought you have put into cyber safety. I think that password protecting your Meet and Greet page is a very smart way to protect your young learners. I am sure their parents must appreciate that. Your students are very lucky to have you as their teacher. Keep up the good work!
Ms. Haney



Thank you Busy Teacher's cafe!



Ms. Herbic,
Your website is a true work of art.  I can see you put a tremendous amount of time and effort into you site so that you can provide a valuable resource for parents, children and fellow teachers. Congratulations on a job well done.

Stacy Cervone
4th Grade Teacher
McDonald Elementary




Hi Mrs. Herbic!

While searching the internet for inspiration, it's nice to come across a web site that is a gem. Your web site is a real treasure, not merely a diamond in the rough! That's why you have been chosen to receive the "Real Treasure Award" from MyFunTeacher.com.

As a web site designer, I know that it takes a lot of hard work to build and maintain a web site. That extra commitment to your students and their families should not go unnoticed! Thank you for making a site that is child and family friendly. Your web site is original, creative, up to date, easy to navigate, and fun to look at. Most important of all... your web site represents you as a teacher and that is something you should be proud of! Thank you for sharing your classroom with us!

Karen Powell
Beatty Elementary School
Las Vegas, NV



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