The Very Hungry Caterpillar: board book & CD

I always begin our caterpillar/butterfly theme by reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. This story beautifully illustrates the life cycle of a butterfly! 


We made caterpillar AB patterns!


We made butterflies using our handprints at the Art Center! Students added
sequence to the butterfly wings and google eyes for the eyes!


Students observe real, live, larva! I got out magnifying glasses for my students to "observe" our caterpillars crawling around.


Students put caterpillar segments (made from paper plates) in order from 1-20 at the Math Center!


We illustrated the lifecycle of a butterfly! We used a green pea as an egg, a spiral pasta noodle as a caterpillar, a shell piece of pasta for the chrysalis, and a bow tie piece of pasta for the butterfly!


We measured blocks, books, markers, crayons, and other items with plastic caterpillars! I bought these colorful caterpillars at our local party supply store. Students also had a great time measuring each other!


Our caterpillar wall outside our classroom!

We eat caterpillars! We used mini Oreos for the caterpillar body, string licorice for legs and antennas, and cupcake candies for the eyes. We used white frosting to hold the Oreos together! The students LOVED eating their caterpillars!


My colleague made this ADORABLE caterpillar with her students! They colored two circles of construction paper and then used water colors on white tissue paper for the color! The students did a FANTASTIC job making this class caterpillar!



Another one of my colleagues made this adorable lifecycle using students finger prints, fist, and hand prints!


Life Cycle of a Butterfly





Observing The Lifecycle of a Butterfly




I buy real caterpillars from Insect Lore. We watch the caterpillars grow, turn into chrysalis', and then we collect leaves, flowers, and grass to create a butterrfly habitat. We observe the chrysalis' until beautiful butterflies emerge! Here we are waving goodbye to our butterflies! Fly on!!!!! We will miss you!


Students put together our Bugs floor puzzle! The students have a great time
counting all the butterflies and caterpillars they see!


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