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          ~Valentine's Day~



Students have a FANTASTIC time reading "I Love.." sentences
at our Puzzle Center! I place student names with pictures in this
center and the students complete each sentence by adding a student
name! This center is a Valentines Day hit!



We read Valentine's Day Grump! This is a very cute
story! The students laugh all through this story!


We make valentine boxes at the Math Center!


Students make valentines at the ABC center!



We word build at the Puzzle Center. I cut construction
paper hearts apart to create puzzles. The students really
work hard to sound out each heart!



We write with conversation hearts! Each student gets
 a small package of conversation hearts. I bought my
hearts at Walgreens. Before students eat their hearts
they must copy the words off their hearts and write each word
or words in a blank heart! The students really enjoy this
writing activity!



Students word build with foam conversation hearts!


We create patterns with hearts!


Students trace, cut, and create a Valentine
at the Art Center!



Students make Valentine boys and girls to display their
"I love my ________ because....." writting! We hang
all the love grams (Parents send in) between our Valentines!


We graph and sort Valentine conversation hearts! Then we make Valentine magnets using the leftover Sweetheart conversation heart boxes! What a great way to recycle!



Students estimate how many hearts they can hold in one hand! Then
we record our data on a chart!


Students make countdown chains!



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