~The Polar Express~

...All Aboard...

~The thing about trains... it doesn't matter where they're going. What matters is

deciding to get on.~


We read The Polar Express book!


We create words that rhyme with train. (strain, pain, rain, stain, gain) 



We make a class Train big book.

My train went by...

We use white paint and q-tips to make snow around our trains. 


We make train color books!
Click here for reproducible.


We  make Christmas countdown chains!


We measure with unifix cubes or small blocks (trains)!




Santa delivers us real bells off his sleigh! He leaves us a note in the back of our Polar Express book! When we reread The Polar Express as a reread--we find the note at the end. Santa has left us real bells outside in the snow! The students are AMAZED! They get to find their bell out in the snow and of course, the snow makes this experience even more magical!  (If you live where there is not snow...stick your bells in a freezer for a while...the children will still believe Santa brought them from the North Pole!) We wear our pajamas to school and enjoy cookies, candy, and hot chocolate on our own Polar Express Train!



We make trains to take home as a souvenir of our trip to the Polar Express!



Click here for your Polar Express ticket.



We write letters to Santa Claus!

We write letters in the snow. (shaving cream)

Each child gets to color inside a window on a big piece of butcher paper to illustrate what they saw when they were on the Polar Express.

 We make a number train with numbers 0-20.

Students get to play The Polar Express. I place a container of unifix cubes in the middle of the table. Students take turns rolling a number cube. What ever number the child rolls....they get to add that many train cars to their engine! You could also have the students subtract train cars to make this more advanced.

We make patterned candy cane place mats!

We talk about our needs and wants. Making Learning Fun has a great worksheet that fits well with the Polar Express theme.
Click here for worksheet.

I make a railroad crossing sign to go beside our classroom train the day we travel on the Polar Express.

We watch the Polar Express.

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