We read The Wind Blew by Pat Hutchins! This is a GREAT Weather
big book to read with any class of students!

Flower Garden
(Tune: The Farmer In The Dell)

The farmer plants the seeds,
The Farmer plants the seeds,
Hi- Ho did you know?
The farmer plants the seeds.

(more verses)
The sun begins to shine...
The rain begins to fall...
The plants begin to grow...



Rain on the cat,
Rain on the dog,
Rain on the pigs,
Rain on frogs!

Rain on the colt,
Rain on the mare,
Rain on the farmer,
Rain everywhere!



This is a fun little poster I created for my Emergent Readers!
I downloaded free clipart from google.com images to accommodate
my non readers and ESL learners.


Students have fun matching alphabet letter watering cans to beginning sound
flowers at the ABC Center! Get your own flower set at the link below!

Flower Beginning Sounds Match


We measure lots of classroom manipulatives and body parts with gummy worms!


We  dissect gummy worms! We have fun counting and cutting the segments!


We "roll" addition problems and use clouds to illustrate our sums!


Students make a handprint flower at the Art Center. Students
add sunflower seeds to the middle of the flower!


Students practice reading rain gauges at the Math Center!
Print your own gauges here!


Each student gets a cloud placemat! We "add" water molecules to turn the cloud
stormy! Students get to subtract the molecules when we are finished with adding!
There is nothing sweeter than eating the molecules! I use chocolate chips as the
molecules, however, you could use raisins too or brown M&M's!  


Students build spring words with word tiles at the Word Work Center!



Students look through magazines to find pictures that begin with the
letters in Spring. Under the letter p, this student glued a picture of a piņata.






We go on a listening walk and use our 5 senses to create a Spring flipbook!

I see  ...........
I hear ...........
I taste ...........
I feel..............
I smell ...........



 Students get to pretend to be "the wind." Students blow cotton ball clouds
 across the floor with straws. We have races too!


Students make adorable spring flowers with coffee filters! All you
have to do is have your students color with markers on a large coffee
filter. After gluing the stem and leaves on, students spray their filter
three times with a water bottle! These are BEAUTIFUL decorations for
your windows in your classroom or any bulletin board display! 


Students get to problem solve and put a Bug floor puzzle together!



Students get to play with insects in the block area.


We graph our favorite kind of weather?
Weather cards can  be located here.



Students make dirt dessert with gummy worms, crushed cookies, and pudding!



Students make a kite . On the tail of the kite students write words that below in the -ing word family for Spring. My colleague did these darling kites with her Kindergarteners. 

Students make kites to fly outside!

Students paint a rainy day picture while listening to rainy music!

We estimate clouds! (marshmallows)


Weather and Season Emergent Readers



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