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~Spider Theme~


We read The Itsy Bitsy Spider big book!

Spider, Spider,
How scary can you be?
You scared _____________,
But you didn't scare me!


Students get to point and read the poem above at the Word Work Center!


Students learn about all different kinds of Arachnids!


We graph if we like Spiders!

Little Mr. ________ sat on a tuffet,
Eating his curds and whey,
Along came a spider
 who sat down beside him,
And frightened Mr. ________ away!


Download Little Mr. Muffet poem

Download Little Miss Muffet Cover



Students use magnetic letters to spell different Halloween characters!


We make a Little Miss Muffet class book! Students get to stamp a spider on their page and add a spider web for detail!  


WWe sequence the Little Miss Muffet story!



Students look at test tubes and draw/write what they see. I bought
these test tubes at Walgreens after Halloween. The students LOVE this activity!


Students use spiders to play "Spider Squeeze" instead of Monster Squeeze!(Everyday Math)



Students get to make spider webs. I found these plates at Walmart! Students
use white yarn to spin their own webs!


Students get to play Spider Tic-Tac-Toe at the ABC Center!


Students count out the correct number of spiders and put them in the appropriate Halloween cup!
to go inside
of each


This center is ALWAYS a hit! I bought a blow up spider with rings at Party America during the Halloween season. When a student correctly identifies the letter and correct sound on a flashcard...they get to try and throw a ring around a spider leg!


We estimate how many spider legs at our Estimation Station!



We  make spider webs!



Our spider webs and pumpkins!


We make spiders with our hands!


Students make a jack-o-lantern out of shapes! We use our pumpkins to review positional words by placing a spider ring beside, under, over, above, left, right, and behind our pumpkin. Some students create a spider web! We use spiders to review the same positional words above.

Spider Measuret Worksheet


We make spiders to eat!

We sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider song as a class.






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