~Scarecrow Theme~

Scarecrow, scarecrow,
How scary can you be?
You scared _______________
But you didn't scare me!


Students get to read the poem and use students' names and picture to fill in the blank!
This center is a hit with all my students!

I Am A Scarecrow.

See my brown hat.
See my red shirt.
See my black crow.
See my blue pants.
See my black shoes.




Students get to dress up like "Bakers in training" for this
fabulous center! Students use a spatula to pick up pumpkin
cookies! In order for students to put their cookie on their plate,
students must say the alphabet letter and sound! As you can
see this center is a HUGE hit in our classroom!  



Students get to put the scarecrows in order from Aa-Zz. 



Students make crows to decorate our hallway! I trace each child's foot and both hands. Students add two eyes and a beak!


Our Scarecrow pointers I bought
for 99 cents at my local Walgreens! Students
use these scarecrows to point as they read
our shared reading pocket chart poem!


We create AB patterns using candy corns and pumpkins!


We use pattern blocks to  create scarecrows!


Meet Sammy our classroom Scarecrow!


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