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President's Day
(Tune: My Country 'Tis Of Thee)

Lincoln and Washington---
They are remembered on
Presidents' Day.
Two men in history
Who gave us liberty
Honor their memories
On this great day!


I share a Weekly Reader poster about past presidents
with my students. My students love the non fiction pictures!

Penny, Penny,
Easily spent,
Copper brown,
 and worth one cent!


Nickel, Nickel,
thick and fat,
your worth 5 cents,
and I know that!

Dime, Dime,
Little and thin,
Everyone knows that,
your worth ten!


Quarter, Quarter,
Big and Bold,
You're worth 25 cents,
 I am told!



We write about "If we were presidents!"


We make American flags in the Art Center!


We write the room as Presidents!

Students can run for President in our classroom! Students running for President must create their very own campaign poster to display in the classroom! It is amazing how creative students get! We vote for one President and those not voted in as President are honored with the title of Vice President! We have many Vice Presidents! We make this about "opportunity" rather than
about winning and losing! 



"Vote for Jovanni" Hershey Kisses!






Students got to vote for one friend. Student placed
their vote on their ballot and placed their ballot in
our Ballot box! We tallied all votes to see who our
classroom President would be!


Congratulations President Karla!


President's Award when voted into Presidency!
All Vice Presidents are rewarded with a Congratulations
ribbon! I bought these at our local Dollar Tree for $1.00.


We make Abraham Lincoln hats!



We play "What Time Is It Mr. President?" Instead of
playing "What Time Is It Mr. Fox." We put a fun twist on this
game to honor our past and future Presidents!  The students
shout out "What time is it Mr. or Miss. President?" The
President answers with a time. The students then take that many
steps! When the President says "ELECTION" the students
 take off running back to their home base!

We make coin rubbings! I place pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters at our Math Center! Students rub over them with crayons to create crayon rubbings of coins!

We write the President of the United States!
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
Email Form:
Please fax children's letters and mail to: 202-456-7705



We play Heads and Tails with pennies.
Students graph their data on their graph!



 Guess who lives in this log cabin?
Open the door--It's Abraham Lincoln!
(we tape a penny inside the door)



We make little Apple Pies! We roll out sugar cookies
for the crust, students spread on canned apples, and we
sprinkle on sugar, cinnamon, and butter to be the topping.
These apple pies are really good!



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