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~Polar Theme~


I start off our Polar Theme reading Follow the Polar Bears by Sonia Black and Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? by Eric Carle.


I teach the students about Penguins! We locate
on our class globe where Penguins live! My students
always love learning about Polar Animals! 


We write facts about Penguins after reading lots of Penguin books!
Students get to snack on goldfish while they write about Penguins!



We make penguins with our handprints at the Art Center! These are DARLING!


Students make Polar Bears at the Art Center! Students use cotton
balls to add fur to their Polar Bears!



We make penguins and attach our writing to them! These make adorable hall decorations! I add our Polar Bears we make at the Art Center to the bottom of our wall to really bring about personality!


Students play Polar Freeze using plastic snowflakes I got at my
local Dollar Tree! You roll the number cube and take that many
snowflakes! The student with the most snowflakes when the snowflakes are all gone...win! The students have a lot of fun "taking away" snowflakes!



We make Polar Bear Claws to eat!!!!!

We use a graham cracker, cool whip, an oreo, and chocolate chips.


We add and subtract goldfish in Polar Bear tummies!

We make ice cycles to eat!



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