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To begin our theme on flowers and plants I read the story The Tiny Seed by
Eric Carle! This story beautifully illustrates the sequence of a flower!





Each child gets to plant their own lima bean! We talk about what a plant needs to survive...sun, air, and water. We observe and water our soil everyday! We record our observations in our Plant Journal!  Print journal cover here.



Each child gets to observe their three Lima Beans growing roots!



I spread seeds all over the playground blacktop. Students get to walk
around in their socks to see if their socks pick up any seeds! This helps
 students see how seeds travel!  



We categorize living and nonliving objects!



We read our Sunflower House take home book with our butterfly pointers!


Students have fun observing flower seeds in the Science/Math Center!



Students helped sort my groceries into fruits and vegetable categories!
Once we sorted the produce, students got the opportunity to taste different kinds
of vegetables! We looked in the vegetables for the seeds and tasted
 carrots, squash, cucumbers, green beans, red potatoes, green bell pepper,
and of course the winning favorite...WATERMELON!  


This is a fun little poster I created for my Emergent Readers!
I downloaded free clipart from google.com images to accommodate
my non readers and ESL learners.


Students have fun matching alphabet letter watering cans to beginning sound
flowers at the ABC Center! Get your own flower set at the link below!

Flower Beginning Sounds Match


Sunflower Beginning Sounds Match



Students practice reading rain gauges at the Math Center!
Print your own gauges here!


Students practice one to one correspondence!
Print your own cards here!


Students build spring words with word tiles at the Word Work Center!




Students look through magazines to find pictures that begin with the
letters in Spring. Under the letter p, this student glued a picture of a piņata.



Students get to problem solve and put a Bug floor puzzle together!




Students get to play with insects in the block area.



We make our very own class sunflower illustrating roots, stem, leaves, petals, and seeds with our handprints! We label the various parts of our flower!




Students label the parts on their own flower! This flower
was made by students handprints and thumbprints!  



Students get to make ants on a log!

Don't forget to check out our Spring/Weather Theme for more great ideas and pictures!


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