We read Who Lives in the Sea by Sylvia M. James! We talk about all the different kinds of ocean life in the ocean.



Students get to observe real ocean artifacts! (sand dollar, starfish, seashells, shark teeth, sea anemone, pretend jellyfish).


Five Little Fish

Five little fishes   (show 5 fingers)

Swimming in the sea    (wave hand sideways)

Teasing Mr. Shark,

"You can't catch me!" (shake pointing finger)

Along comes Mr. Shark,

Quiet as can be   (hands like open mouth)

Snap!!!   (slap hands closed)

Four little fishes   (show 4 fingers)

Swimming in the sea!



We have a great time acting out this poem using goldfish!

Students make a Sea Book!
I see a crab. (two handprints)
I see a fish. (one handprint)
I see an octopus. (one purple or pink handprint)
I see a starfish.
I see a jellyfish. (half paper plate, streamers)

The Animals in the Ocean

(Tune: Wheels on the Bus)

The sharks in the sea go chomp, chomp, chomp!

chomp, chomp, chomp!

chomp, chomp, chomp!

The sharks in the sea go chomp, chomp, chomp!

All through the day!

(see more verses below...)

The fish in the sea go swim, swim, swim...

The lobsters in the sea go pinch, pinch, pinch...

The octopus in the sea go wiggle wiggle wiggle...

The sea horse in the sea rocks back and forth...

The whale in the sea goes quirt squirt squirt...

The clam in the sea goes open and shut...

The crabs in the sea go click click click...



Students get to lace ocean animals to work on fine motor skills.



Students match crab shells to the same color of crab.
Click here for your own cards.


Students match capital letter to lowercase letters.
Click here for your own cards.


Students get to  create their own jellyfish! We talk about the fraction 1/2. We talk about if we cut our circles in half so that both sides are equal we could make two jelly fish. We used streamers as the tentacles.
jellyfish facts 

Students use tan grams to build a fish!

We add and subtract goldfish on our ocean mats!

We estimate seashells at our Estimation Station!

We  make edible oceans to eat using blue Jell-O and gummy fish!

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