My dream, while attending college at Emporia State University, was to be an elementary teacher. I dreamed of decorating my classroom, much like a little girl dreams of her wedding day. I pondered where my desk would sit and how I would rearrange my classroom. I couldn’t wait for my students to call me, Mrs. Herbic! My first year of teaching was a fantastic learning experience! The challenges and opportunities I encountered my first year of teaching molded my true passion to be a teacher.  I now ponder all the different ways I can be a teacher that inspires, encourages, and finds true uniqueness in every individual child each day.

I provide every student with the opportunity to be responsible within our classroom. Students in our class have a wide range of responsibilities. Students learn how to work with one another cooperatively through literacy centers and whole group activities. Our students learn responsibility by completing simple tasks and assignments in their daily work. I create multiple opportunities for students to learn and be successful learners. I believe when a child has confidence, they have wings to fly!  When a child’s confidence is in bloom, they take great risks!

My role as an educator is to be an empathetic, open minded, encouraging, and compassionate role model. I show students I have authority through my words and actions. I demonstrate
honesty, encouragement, and respect towards my students that they need and deserve. I show my students they are valuable, by preparing safe, well organized, lesson plans. I show my students they are loved, by creating a safe classroom with classroom management, classroom structure, and student boundaries.

I express and model my expectations through my words and actions. I believe all students have the ability to learn. All my students are given the opportunity to develop to their own individual capacity of learning. No matter what size, ethnicity, color, or handicap any child has been blessed with, I will never underestimate my students’ abilities! I expect each student to do their personal best and I hold every student accountable for doing their personal best! The color of our skin, the way we move from place to place, and the way we speak, shows our uniqueness and individuality. I will forever hold an appreciation for uniqueness in our classroom.

The world is forever a changing world. Therefore, I will be an ever-changing educator. I will change and adapt my teaching styles, lessons, and activities to be positively sure that my students leave my classroom prepared, knowing that they are somebody special, and that their uniquenesses’ are valued, respected, and appreciated.