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"Stop, stop!" said (student name).
But the Gingerbread Man said:
"Run, run, as fast as you can,
You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man!"

We have a great time reading our class pocket chart.


We read the Gingerbread Man for Shared Reading!


We talk about the word dissolve. Students get to dissolve their own gingerbread man in a cup full of water.


Students retell the Gingerbread Man story using puppets!


We compared/contrasted the Gingerbread Man and the Gingerbread Boy stories using a Venn Diagram!

1 little, 2 Little, 3 Little Gingerbreads,
4 little, 5 Little, 6 Little Gingerbreads,
7 little, 8 Little, 9 Little Gingerbreads,
10 Gingerbread babies in all!






Students display their shared writing on their very own Gingerbread Boy or Gingerbread Girl!


Gingerbread Glyph
(click on the gingerbread man below to print the template)



Students make glyphs at the Math Center!


Students match the capital and lowercase Gingerbread Men puzzles at one of our centers! My students LOVE baking up capital and lowercase letters!



Students use our Gingerbread Men pointers to read around the room!


Students use beads to add buttons on our Gingerbread Men at the Math Center! I have written numbers 1-20 on the Gingerbread Men!


Gingerbread Baby
We read this story and then reenact the story using the characters from the story! You can download the masks below! 
Click to download masks




Review positional concepts and relationship with this hands-on activity. Use gingerbread cookies and gingerbread "settings"  to act out the positional words.

The Gingerbread Man is beside the river!
The Gingerbread Man is under the house!
The Gingerbread Man is in front of the wolf and fox!


Our class ABC pattern! We add one di-cut to our pattern every day!


Every day our Gingerbread Men jump down one level! Our Gingerbread Men let the students know where they will be going for Center Time!


Our Shared Writing!
The Gingerbread Man ran to the ___________.


We measure with Gingerbread Cookies to see how long items are in our classroom!


Using our Sense of Smell we smell Pine, Mint, Vanilla, and Cinnamon. We record on our data sheet if we liked the smell, thought it was okay, or disliked the smell. The students LOVE the surprising smells! 

Using our Sense of taste we have a Holiday tasting party! Be sure to have your students check out their taste buds in the mirror!
We taste the following items: cider, candy cane, nuts, and chocolate.



I place objects to feel in little stockings. Students reach in and record on their data sheet what they think they feel! I like to use shapes in my stockings...as this reinforces shape recognitions.I stick in a block (square), peppermint (circle), crayon, plastic cookie cutter, and a pretend present. 

For experimenting with our Sense of hearing I have the students close their eyes and listen to some sounds I make.

 bells (reindeer bells)
Santa..(Ho, Ho, Ho)
hammering (Elves making gifts!)
unwrapping wrapping paper (gift)
Eating (Santa eating cookies!)

The students love this activity! What a fantastic way to reinforce and teach the Five Senses!



We make a Gingerbread Quilt and a Gingerbread Christmas Tree using the Gingerbread boys and girls the students decorate at home for homework! SO CUTE!!!!



Students make their own Gingerbread houses! I found some great holiday candy at the Dollar Store!



We make a class gingerbread man to eat! When we go to get our gingerbread cookie...he has ran from the oven! We search high and low all around the school! We find our gingerbread cookie back in our classroom! The students have a FANTASTIC time searching for the Gingerbread Man! 


Students graph what body part they bit off their gingerbread first.

We make Gingerbread books using sequence as buttons!

One button on my gingerbread man
Two buttons on my gingerbread man.
Three buttons on my gingerbread man.
Four buttons on my gingerbread man.
Five buttons on my gingerbread man.
Six buttons on my gingerbread man.
Seven buttons on my gingerbread man.
Eight buttons on my gingerbread man.
Nine buttons on my gingerbread man.
Ten buttons on my gingerbread man.

We make patterned peppermints using two paper plates, red markers or green markers, ribbon and cellophane.


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