~Fire Safety~


We learn what keep Firefighters safe! We also talk about what things are
safe to touch and what things are unsafe to touch.


Stop, Drop and Roll

(tune of Frere Jacques)


If my clothes

Should catch on fire,

I'll stop, drop and roll,

Stop, drop and roll.

I'll put out the fire.

I'll put out the fire.

I won't burn.

I won't burn.


 Hello, Firefighters
 (Sung to the tune of "Frere Jacques")
 Firefighters, firefighters,
 How are you? How are you?
 Would you like to tell us,
 Would you like to tell us,
 What you do? What you do?



Always Alert
I'm a smoke detector and I say "Beep".
(squat down)
I'm your nose when you're asleep.
(point to nose then pretend to sleep)
If there's a fire and smoke is all around,
(wiggle hand and fingers around)
I'll wake you up with a very loud sound.
(jump up and raise your hands high)



I can spell red.
I can spell red.
Fire trucks are red,
Apples are red,



We read about Firefighters!


We have a real fire fighter come in and visit with us! We learn
what to do in case their is a fire in our home. We learn to STOP..
DROP..and ROLL if we have fire on our self! We learn the important
number to call in case of a fire--911.



We get to go through a pretend smoke house! We crawl low to the ground
to the closest window for help!

We  get our very own fire fighter hats! THANK YOU FIRE FIGHTERS!

Practice Stop, Drop, and Roll as a class.
Practice the school Fire routine!
Practice writing the number 911.   
We make smoke detectors! We act out the above Always Alert poem with our
very own smoke detectors!

Write thank you notes to the local fire fighters!


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