~Farm Theme~




We read Mrs. Wishy-washy and Who's In the Shed? for Shared Reading!
After reading Mrs. Wishy-washy, we sequence the story with sequence cards!
Click here to make your own cards!


Students color and cut out their own pictures! Students use their pictures
to retell Mrs. Wishy-washy to a friend!


To activate prior knowledge we talk about different animals we see
on the farm. I have pictures of all different kinds of farm animals I
found on google.com images. My ESL learners really benefit from
this vocabulary activity! I made a large red barn out of butcher paper.


Students add two animals to their barn every day! We label each animal
that goes inside the barn! I printed the animals off of google.com images!


We write about horses at the Writing Center!



We make pigs at the Art Center!


Students match beginning sounds to wash tubs at the ABC Center!
Click here to make your own cards!


Students read the sentence...
"In went (student name)
wishy-washy, wishy-washy!"
Great oral language activity for students learning a second language!


Students build words at the Word Work Area!
Click here to make your own cards!


Students build words at the Word Work Area!

Students feed the cows at the math Center! I wrote numbers
1-25 on cows (a notepad). The students feed the cows
the appropriate number of pretzels (hay).


We sort farm animals and zoo animals.


Students sequence the stages of a baby chick hatching!


We practice adding eggs laid by the hen!
For your own hen master copy click here!

Students get to milk a cow! First, I read The Milk Story to the students.
We talk about lots of different dairy products. After tasting some milk products,
students get a hands on experience to milk a cow! We covered an easel with
butcher paper. For the utter we used a latex glove and poked a small needle
in each finger! The students LOVED milking the cow! We sing "Old McDonald
using students names:
Old McCorbin had a farm,
And on that farm he had a cow,

With a squeeze, squeeze here,
and a squeeze, squeeze there,
here a squeeze, there a squeeze, everywhere a squeeze, squeeze,
Old McCorbin had a farm,





We talk about different forms of milk!
Students get to taste cheese, cool whip, and ice-cream! We graph
our favorite dairy product!




Students play with farm animals in the Block Area.


We use crackers to practice addition on our Mrs. Wishy-washy mats!


Students get to "act out" Old McDonald Farm with
felt pictures! We changed our song up a little and I substituted
in students name as McDonald....example..."Old McKimberlee
has a farm....eieio!" The students laughed and had a GREAT
time singing this song! I heard my ESL learners singing this song
during free choice time in the Block Center with the farm animals!


Students get to "act out" the story of Mrs. Wishy-washy with animal
crackers, chocolate syrup, and milk! We roll our animals around in the mud
and then all together sing:
"Wishy-washy, wishy-washy, 1-2-3,
"Wishy-washy, wishy-washy, YUMMY!"


We make pigs in a blanket to eat!


We play duck, duck, goose!


Our "Oinkiful" hallway! Our barns and pigs really give our
hallway personality during the month of April!

We take a field trip to our local farm!


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