Fall Theme


We begin our study of Autumn reading I Am A Leaf. I love reading this story to and with my students! This book is child friendly and it educates my students on the changes of seasons and the cycle of leaves. Great illustrations and vocabulary!



Students read the Fall poem at the Word Work Center!


Students get to rip a fall tree out of construction paper. This not only enhances their fine motor skills but fosters a sense of imagination and creation. We use our beautiful Fall trees to decorate our classroom and hallway for Fall!


I wrote a color sentence on each leaf. Students use pointers to read each leaf during center time.


Students write the word Fall and illustrate a beautiful Fall picture.


Students get to add the correct number of "leaves" on each tree. I dyed bowtie pasta different fall colors to make my fall manipulatives. 


Our class made an ABC Fall/Autumn pattern!



We do leaf rubbings! Students sort different colors of leaves at the Math Center! I purchased some fake leaves at the Dollar Tree for this activity!

We see how many pennies will sink a leaf! I purchase cheap pie pans at the Dollar Tree for this activity.

We sort leaves!

We go on a fall hunt!

We make pinecone bird feeders.



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