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I can see a carrot.

I can see a  bunny.

I can see Easter eggs.

I can see an Easter basket.

I can see a chick.  

This pocket chart is in the Word Work Center. Students can read
this chart with pointers!


Students have a great time matching Easter eggs at the Puzzle Center!
 I have included rhyming Easter eggs in the bag, as well, to challenge my higher learners!  



Students make patterns with Easter shapes at the Math Center!


Students spell classmates names at the ABC Center! Each student
has their name inside an Easter egg. Students find the
capital letter and spell their classmates name! Once
the students spell their classmates name, they get
to highlight that name on their record sheet!


Students make Easter Bunnies at the Art Center!

We write about bunnies! Students put words in order and create a sentence
and illustration. Students then get to share in our Author's Chair. After each
child has had the opportunity to share their page...we combine student pages
into a class book. We put this book in our Reading Center for enjoyment!


We learn about animals that come from eggs! After we discuss the animals, the students have to guess what items I have hid in plastic Easter eggs. The students have to ask me questions to get clues what is inside each egg. This is a great extension activity. The students LOVE this activity! 


We dye Easter eggs at the Science Center! What a fantastic hands-on
experience for many students! We use these eggs at our Easter Egg Hunt!


We observe Easter eggs with magnifying glasses!


We create addition and subtraction stories using Easter baskets and Smarties!


We make Easter eggs at the Art Center. Students decorate an egg using crayons and then they get to choose a watercolor to paint on their egg!  


We graph jelly beans!



Students count out the correct number of pennies to put in each chick.
On the back of each chick I have written an amount of money. Students count out the correct amount of coins and place them inside the chick! I place this at our Math Center. 



We have egg races!

We make stain glass Easter Eggs using tissue paper and liquid starch!


Students make bird nests! We use Chinese noodles, butterscotch baking
chips and Easter egg malt balls! These are DARLING!

Easter Egg Hunt




We make Easter countdown chains!


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