~Dinosaurs Theme~


We read The Brontosaurus by Janet Slater Redhead.


A colleague of mine had her students make their own Stegosaurus's
out of paper plates! These are DARLING!



Students stamp Dinosaur books at the ABC Center!


Students use toothpicks to "excavate" fossils (chocolate chips) from their rocks (chocolate chip cookies)! Students record the number of fossils they excavated from their rocks on a class data chart.


Students sequence the stages of a dinosaur at the Math Center!


Students put dinosaurs in ABC order or build words with dinosaurs
at the ABC Center!


Students get to make their own fossils using soil, glue, and noodles! 



Students make a stegosaurus at the Art Center!


Students get to explore and play with dinosaurs!


Students get the opportunity to put a Tyrannosaurus Rex puzzle together at the Puzzle Center!


We make dinosaur puppets!



Students sort dinosaurs at the Math Center!


Students  get to hold a T-Rex dinosaur!



Students get to dig for dinosaur fossils as Paleontologists!


We make T-Rex skeletons out of q-tips!







Students get to make and eat their own dinosaur egg! When we put them in the oven Mama dinosaur comes and takes the dinosaur eggs and hides them. When we go to get our eggs out of the oven...they are GONE! We follow the dinosaur footprints to find our eggs! To make our dinosaur eggs, we wrap a biscuit around a large marshmallow and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on the biscuit. When the biscuit cooks the marshmallow oozes out! We stick a baby gummy dinosaur inside the egg!  The students LOVE this dinosaur hunt and the eggs are YUMMY too!


We make a volcano that REALLY erupts!




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