<% 'if Session("valid") <> "true" then %> <% 'else %> <% 'end if %> Cowboys/Cowgirls



(tune: B-I-N-G-O)

There is a state, it's the Lone Star state

And Texas is it's name-o




And Texas is it's name-o!


We write about Cowboys and Cowgirls!



We write the room as Cowboys and Cowgirls! I
bought these cowboy hats at our local Dollar Tree!
Students write words in a paper boot book.




Students make a cactus at the Art Center! We use toothpicks
as the needles and pink tissue paper as the flower blossoms!



Students play Cowboy Corral with little cowboys
I purchased at the Dollar Tree! The students roll
a number cube and take that many Cowboys away
from the center of the table!



Cowboy _______ can......



Students put cowboy boots in order from 1-20 at
the Math Center! Yeehaw!



We make patterns with Western Dicuts!



We make cowboy and cowgirl hats for our rodeo!

We make bandanas for our rodeo! Students stamp different
kinds of potato mashers in tempera paint to make their bandana designs!
We hang our bandanas on our clothes line to dry!



Using felt and a felt story board we act out the following poem
about Long, Tall, Dan!

We have pony races with our stick ponies!

Kindergarten Rodeo




We pan for gold nuggets! We sprayed small rocks with gold
spray paint! Students used aluminum pie pans for their sifters!



Bull Roping



Bull Riding.... Hold on!



Barrel racing! Ride your stick pony!!!!



Horse Shoes



Branding! We took a stick with a sponge--dipped
it in flour and branded each other!



We camped out as Cowboys and Cowgirls! We ate
Beans, Hotdogs, and chips! We drink Cowboy Coffee too! (Root beer)



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