~Our Classroom~


 Our calendar and whole group learning area.


We have a traffic light in our classroom that tracks the good choices we make every day!




Our classroom!


This is the our Reading Center! Students get to cuddle up with a good book or with our Reading Wheels!  Our class books and poems decorate the walls in this center too! 



This is our Word Work Center. Students come to this Center during the
learning day to work with words in a variety of different ways!



This is our Listening Center. Students get a walkman and a book on tape!
After students listen to a story on tape they get a clipboard and a
response log. Students illustrate their favorite part of the story they listened
to on their response log paper. The students really enjoy coming to this center!


This is our Math/Science Center! Students measure, count, number write, experiment,
pattern, sort, and explore at this center!



This is our Block Center. Students get to use their imagination and build at this center.



This is our Writing Center! Students come to the Writing Area to work
on word writing and sentence writing! A variety of materials are housed in
this area for student creativity!



This is our Puppet Center. Students work on their oral language as they
retell stories they have heard!




This is our Home Living Center. Students create menus and labels for their
home. I store dress up clothes, food, dolls, paper, crayons, markers, and
real food labels in this center! Our popcorn sight words also brim the wall!



This is our  Art Center. Students get to make an art project each week that revolves
around our Theme. This is a great center to have to reinforce following simple directions.