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We talk about bats! Students learn lots of facts about bats!



We read Stellaluna by Janell Cannon. The students LOVE this heart warming story!


We play bat tic-tac-toe at the Word Work area! I bought my bats at Party America and then the game boards are ghost placemats I purchased at Big Lots for cheap!


Spooky Bats

Spooky bats go flying at night,
Flapping about in the pale moonlight.
Spreading their wings, they're a scary sight!
But truth be told, there's no need for fright.

Spooky bats are really not bad.
They eat harmful insects, for which we're glad!
They're somewhat shy, I might also add.
But never grab one - it could get mad!

Spooky bats like to sleep in the day.
They hang upside down and doze that way!
Caves and trees are where they stay.
Until it grows dark - then it's up and away.


Bats Are Sleeping
(tune: Frere Jacques)

Bats are sleeping
Bats are sleeping
Upside down.
Upside down.
Sleeping in the morning sun.
Waiting for the night to come.
Then they'll fly all around.
Then they'll fly all around.


Five Black Bats
By Shel Silverstein

Five black bats
Ready to soar;
One stayed behind,
Now there are four.
Four black bats
Hanging from a tree;
One fell down,
Now there are three.
Three black bats
Wondering what to do;
One flew away,
Now there are two.
Two black bats
Sitting in the sun;
One fell asleep,
Leaving only one.
One lonesome bat
With no place to go,
Went hiding in a cave,
Now there are zero.


Five Little Bats

5 little bats came flying in the door,
One flew away and that left only 4
4 little bats hiding in a tree,
One flew away and that left 3
3 little bats looking down at you,
One flew away and that left 2
2 little bats hiding from the sun,
One flew away and that left just one.
One little bat hanging all alone,
He flew away and then there were none.


We read our Scholastic newspapers about Bats!


We write about Benny the Bat! Students are given a sentence starter...

Benny the bat flew to....

Students complete the sentence. I LOVE doing these kinds of books because
 it really hits all your learners. I conference with each student to "stretch" out
words. We put this book in our Reading Center.  



Students put number bats in order from 0-20!
The bats get to hang upside down!


We estimate bat fangs!


We make bat puppets!



We make bat cookies! Miss Susan uses pie crust and bat cookie cutters. Each child gets to put cinnamon on their bat before cooking!



Students put bat puzzles together. Students find the two wings that match!



Five Batty Bats

Five batty bats
Were hanging ‘neath the moon.

"Quiet!" said the first.
"The witch is coming soon."

"She’s green," said the second,
"With a purple pointy nose."

"Black boots," said the third,
"Cover up her ugly toes."

"Her broom," said the fourth,
"Can scratch you - that I know!"

"I’m scared," said the fifth.
"I think we’d better go."

Five batty bats
Escaped into the night.

"Dear me," said the witch.
"That’s a scary sight!"



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