I LOVE to read lots of Thanksgiving stories to my students! I line my books up on the board and students can enjoy picture reading the books throughout the day! I picked up my books at garage sales and through Scholastic with my bonus points!


We read The Native Americans Told Us So to the students! What
a great non fiction book! We also have a great time learning an I Am Thankful Poem!


We read our pocket chart practicing tracking from left to right!
I can see a pilgrim.
I can see a Native American Indian.
I can see a turkey.
I can see a Mayflower ship.
I can see a tee-pee.
I can see Indian corn.



Students write what they are thankful for! We glue
their writing to a piece of paper and make Pilgrims to hold
their special writing!


Our "Thankful" hallway Pilgrim and Native American decorations!





My students LOVE making Native American Indians at our art center! 




Students make their Native American vests for our feast! I have lots of symbols on the wall for students to paint on their vests!



We make placemats for our Thanksgiving feast!


I am thankful for.......

I want my students to be thankful for the many things and people they have been blessed with! During shared writing, students get to add what they are thankful for on our writing chart! 


We estimate turkey feathers at our
Estimation Station!


Students use clothespins to add the correct
number of feathers to each turkey!


Students use a number cube to "Roll A Turkey!"


Students match turkey feathers to turkeys! I put these
turkeys in our ABC Center! My students love these turkeys!





We make Native American necklaces using beads and noodles!




We shake up our own homemade butter!
Use Heavy Whipping Cream and salt! Shake for about 10 minutes in a glass jar! The students can see a liquid turn into a solid! We made butter to take to our feast!


We make turkey stick puppets out of our handprints!



We write about the Mayflower at the Writing Center!

I see the Mayflower Ship.


Caleb had GREAT fun making his own
Pilgrim hat to wear during Choice time!

Students make Corn counting books! Students glue corn kernels on pages 1-10.


We label a paper turkey. Students use a pretend turkey feather to tickle the turkey on its beak, leg, belly, feathers, eyes, etc! Click here for Tom Turkey Diagram.

turkey to label

Click here for Turkey Facts


We make take home books! I purchase pretend colored feathers at Wal-Mart so students can literally act out this book!

If You Meet a Turkey

If you meet a turkey,

Tickle his feathers.

Tickle his nose.

Tickle his wattle.

Tickle his toes.

Tickle his tummy.

Tickle his chin.

click here for copy of book.


We make turkeys to eat!

We use:

1 York Peppermint Patty (body)
1 Rolo (head)
Rainbow licorice (feathers)

1 red M&M (wattle)
2 candy corns for the feet




We make  Pumpkin Pie! Simply make instant vanilla pudding, add some canned pumpkin, stir, lay graham crackers crumbs in bottom of cup/plate....add pumpkin dessert, and of course you HAVE to top it off with Whipped Cream! Student graph if they like our Pumpkin dessert!


We make a Thanksgiving cookbook for our parents! Students create this cookbook. It is DARLING-- the kinds of recipes you get!




We play Turkey, Turkey, Gobble. It is a fun twist to Duck, Duck, Goose.



We make turkeys using shapes! The feather are students hands that have been traced.



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