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~St. Patrick's Day~

I'm A Little Leprechaun
I'm a little leprechaun
dressed in green,
the tiniest man
that you ever seen.
If you ever catch me, it is told,
I'll give you my pot of gold!


We sing this song to start off our morning. I have used numerous
pictures to label words to help my ELL students and non readers.


We write about leprechauns at the Writing Center!

We make leprechauns!

Once we make our leprechauns, we take a drink break! Making leprechauns
is hard work! When we come back from our drink break...the leprechauns
have made a mess of our classroom! They leave us a letter with leprechaun
dust! We add some milk to the dust and have Leprechaun pudding!
 (Pistachio Pudding)



We make glitter shamrocks at the Art Center!


We make shamrock necklaces on St. Patrick's Day!


Students put shamrock math puzzles together at the Math Center!
 I got this shamrock notepad at our local teacher warehouse. I wrote
the number and corresponding number word on each shamrock.
Students sound out each number word and match it to the correct number!

Students place the correct number of pieces of gold on each shamrock!
I spray painted small rocks gold and use them as gold--VERY CUTE....VERY EASY!


Students build rhyming words at the Puzzle Center!


We graph if we liked the Leprechaun pudding!


We love sharing our hard work and creativity with others in the hallway!


I use Rolos as gold for snack time! The kids are so fascinated with the gold wrappers...they stick in them in their mailboxes to take home! 


Students get to go on a gold hunt on our playground. The gold blends in with the sand so students REALLY have to search! It is so cute to watch their faces light up when they find a piece of gold! I just spray painted pebble rocks gold! 


This is a fun, simple, review activity I made up to fill in time between my specials. I drew a pot of gold on the board. For every word the students could read they would earn a piece of shamrock gold in their pot! This activity was done whole group with a black and green marker. The students LOVED this activity!  


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