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Dr. Seuss

"You're off to great places!  Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting.
So get on your way!"

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss


We read about Dr. Seuss!

After reading Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss we make Dr. Seuss hats! We
have a Pizza Party and wear our hats to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday-March 2nd!

Green Eggs and Ham

We have a great time reading Green Eggs and Ham! After I finish reading
I pretend I see Sam I Am out in the hallway. I run to the door and pretend
that Sam I Am left us mail! Each child gets an invitation to our Green Eggs
and Ham party! We cook up real green eggs and ham and have fun tasting them!


We create Seuss patterns!
Pattern Worksheet



We create a picture graph, "Do You Like Green Eggs and Ham?"


Horton Hatches An Egg

Aladdin elephant abu

We read Horton Hatches the Egg. Students get to create a Horton puppet!
I buy socks at the Dollar Tree (3 pair for $1.00). Students use socks on their
fist for Horton's trunk! We retell the story using our puppets! The students
LOVE making and taking their Horton puppet home!

The Cat In The Hat

We read The Cat in the Hat! We graph what we would do--tell our mom's
the truth or tell a fib! I have a VERY honest bunch! Then, we make our
very own Cat in the Hats! Students write rhyming -at words on  their cats hat!

We make our own Cat in the hat treats! We use
a chocolate cookie, a large marshmallow, and string licorice!
(HINT: Have your children put their marshmallow in their mouth
first--the stickiness acts as glue to hold licorice on the marshmallow!)



We pattern Seuss hats at the Math Center!
Pattern Hats



 We write about cats at the Writing Center!




 Students create rhyming eggs at the Word Work area!



Students make Dr. Seuss door hangers at the Art Center!
Door Knob Hanger




We play Tic-Tac-Toe at the ABC Center! I have many different word family lists
as well as, just letter lists too! This accommodates all the levels of my learners!
Tic Tac Toe



Students make Dr. Seuss memory game!


Students get to make eggs for cooking lab!

2 yellow M&Ms
2 pretzel sticks
white chocolate bar

We balance plates and cups on our head and have relays! We also
have spoon/egg races!

Measure with Feet

At Family Hat

~Dr. Seuss Books~

Dr. Seuss computer games

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