~ABC’s of School~


Arrival/Dismissal: Kindergarten students will be picked up and dismissed outside the West doors (in front of classroom windows).

Attendance:  Your child’s attendance is crucial to his/her success in school.  Most of our learning experiences will take place within the classroom environment.  Therefore, it is important for your child to attend school.

Absences and Tardies:  If your child is going to be absent, please contact the office at (303) XXX-XXXX or if your child is late, please report to the office and obtain a yellow tardy slip for your child to give to me.        

Allergies:  Please let the office staff and I know if your child has any allergies. (See attached sheet)


Bus Tags:  If your child will be riding the bus, please be sure that he/she wears his/her gold bus tag to school every morning (for at least the first few weeks of school).  This will help to ensure your child’s safety and make sure that he/she is boarding the correct bus.

Birthdays:   Birthdays will be celebrated in our classroom.  If you would like to send a small treat, please let me know in advance – please no cakes, candles, balloons etc.

Breakfast : Flynn will be providing a small pre-packaged breakfast for each student.  This is not a complete breakfast.  Because of breakfast being served, there will be no A.M. snack.  (Further information for a P.M. snack will be sent home soon.) Please do not send individual snacks, juice etc. with your child each day. 

Backpacks:  Please send your child to school with his/her backpack everyday. It needs to be large enough to hold a 2-pocket folder. 

Behavior:  An individual and classroom positive behavior management system will be used in our classroom.



Communication:  It is extremely important that you and I maintain ongoing communication to ensure the success of your child’s kindergarten experience. 

Class Parties: PTA helps Flynn classrooms celebrate Holiday parties. Please keep an eye in your child’s Friday folder for more information.




Every child is expected and encouraged to do their personal best.



Friday Folders:   A weekly folder will come home each Friday with your child’s schoolwork and other important information.  Please look through the folder and return it (empty) on Monday of the following week.

Field trips:  We will be going on two field trips this year.  Permission slips will be sent home approximately two weeks in advance, which will need to be signed in order for your child to attend the field trip.  You will also be notified of the cost of the field trip and bus fee.



Get ready for a great year!



Homework: I will be sending home a monthly homework calendar and response journal, which will be due at the end of each month. The first calendar will be sent home in September.  Also, on occasion your child will bring home other homework assignments that involve a family project, handwriting, or other skills that we have been practicing in class.  In addition, students will be participating in the Book-It Reading Program.


Illness:  Although I strongly encourage your child to be at school everyday, there are times when  he/she may be ill with a fever, bad cough, or vomiting.  If your child demonstrates any of these symptoms, please keep him or her at home.  Call the office to report the absence.

J, K, L,



Mystery Helper:  Each child will have the opportunity to be our “Mystery Helper” throughout the month.


Newsletter:  Check your child’s Friday Folder for our classroom newsletter to keep you updated on activities, upcoming events, and other important information.


Open Door:  Please feel free to contact me by phone or note to schedule a time to meet if you have any questions or concerns.


P.T.A:  Your involvement at school is important to your child’s academic and social/emotional success. It also models how much you value education. I strongly encourage you to become a member of Flynn’s P.T.A. to help create a positive learning environment for students, parents, and teachers.


Quiet time: After lunch we will have some quiet time.


Report Cards:  Report cards will be sent home once per quarter -four times throughout the year.

Recess:  When students go out to recess, teachers have supervisory duties at these times so there is no one in the classroom to be with the students.  It is expected that all students who are well enough to attend school will be able to go out for recess.  Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for our changeable Colorado weather.


School Hours: Kindergarteners begin their day at 8:10. Kindergarten friends will be dismissed at 3:05 p.m.

Share Time:  We will have a “Share Time” every day to encourage oral language development.  It is also a time to practice good listening skills. 


Specials: The children will alternate going to Physical Education (P.E.) and Music every other day. Students are required to wear appropriate shoes on PE days. Students will also visit Art, Library, and the computer lab once a week.

Snack: There will be a snack calendar sent home each month.  On your child’s specified date, please send a healthy snack for the whole class.  We have 24 students. Examples of appropriate snacks include, raisins, string cheese, pretzels, Goldfish crackers etc. Please do not send anything with nuts, or any sweets such as cookies or candy.

Social Skills:  In addition to learning academics in kindergarten, your child will also be developing social skills - how to make friends, share, take turns, get along with others, and solve problems appropriately.  I have very high expectations in our classroom for using appropriate social skills and will support your child in learning healthy ways to communicate and build a strong sense of community in our classroom.


Teamwork:  Educating a child is only accomplished by parent and teacher team work. By working together, we can give your child the best possible start in school. Open communication is the key. Be sure to keep me posted on any changes or happenings in your child’s life that could be affecting schoolwork or behavior.

Traveling Book Bags:  Throughout the year we will be making many class books.  These books will be traveling home with the students to share with their families.  Please feel free to write positive comments to the children about their work as authors and illustrators.

   Many of our classroom activities are planned around literature and themes (The Kissing Hand,  Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Apples, Pumpkins, and bats, space, dinosaurs, etc).  Instruction of reading and various language experiences, phonics, math, writing, science, and social studies are integrated in the themes.  Children are immersed with literature and a variety of other language materials to support learning.


 U:  “U” are very important in your child’s learning.


Very important: This year is a very important year for your child, you, and me. Thank you for working at home with your child and reinforcing letters/sounds taught at school.  



Worksheets: I strive to create meaningful, hands-on learning experiences in the classroom, therefore will not be sending many worksheets home in your child’s Friday Folder, unless it has a significant, purposeful connection to your child’s learning (not busy work!) Because most of our learning activities take place in the classroom environment, it is difficult for me to send home “make-up” work if your child is absent.  Therefore, it is extremely important for your child to attend school every day if possible.   

Websites: Please refer to the District 50 website for important upcoming dates and events. My personal website will include our daily schedule, announcements, special themes and activities that we are doing in class, as well as educational and parental support resources. 


Writers Workshop: The students will become meaningful writers through daily writing experiences.


I am looking forward to an eXciting year!


YOU are such an important person in your child's life! Thank you for trusting me to hold their hand through this year of school. 


Zoo Phonics – Your child will be learning their letters and sounds through our Zoo phonics program called “Zoo Phonics” that involves singing, movements, and animal characters.