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 100th Day Of School





Students create 100 Day T-shirts at home! Families are encouraged to
sew, stick, glue, or tape 100 objects on a T-shirt. These shirts turn out
VERY, VERY, cute!  


We create 100 Year Old Portraits after I read
Miss Bindergarten celebrates 100 Days of Kindergarten!


10, 20, 30, 40, 50,
60, 70, 80, 90,100!

We make a 100 day snack! We count out 10 of each item--mix
and eat! YUM!!!!



We have a Food Drive! We make banners encouraging our school to
give to our local "Have A Heart" food pantry. Our goal in a week is to
get 100 cans of canned goods! I want my Kindergarten friends to learn
the meaning behind giving. This experience opens their eyes to life
beyond our classroom door! I encourage every class to celebrate the 100th
Day by having a food or clothing drive! 



We make 100 Day masks!


Students have fun using 100 dollar bills in our Puzzle Center. Students
complete each sentence with a one hundred dollar bill! Each bill has
a student photo of a classmate! This center is a hit! 

We do 100 exercises!

We lick tootsie pops to see if we can reach the middle in 100 licks!

We Q-tip paint 100 dots on a Dalmatian!

We read lots of 100 Day books!

We try and write 100 words as a class on a piece of poster board!

We paint our faces with face paint...
1 tsp cornstarch
tsp cold cream
tsp water
Food coloring 


My colleague has her students create 100 day posters as homework. One student
chose to use 100 pretzel sticks to make a tree. Another student chose
100 pieces of dog food! These posters turned out really cute!

Emergent Reader


100 Animals





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